Our Story

Babka House is your local family-owned neighbourhood bakery specialising in the delicate art of handcrafted Babka cakes. All our Babkas are 100% handmade, made with the highest quality ingredients, and baked to order every week. Our Babkas truly are the best you’ll ever have!

Who We are

Babka House was co-founded by mother daughter duo - Tal and Simona. Our love for baking has been passed down for generations in the family, and we both share a passion for creating delicious food. From a young age, Tal loved helping mom in the kitchen, and has learnt so much from her over the years.

The Origin

We both grew up eating grandma’s delicious Babkas, and for us, Babka has always been a taste of home. It brings the whole family together for a moment of enjoyment, after fighting for the most chocolatey slice of course ;)

Over the years, we started baking our own Babkas, and while we're pretty good bakers, we weren’t exactly ‘Babka Queens’ quite yet.

Our first batch of yeast dough failed miserably and didn’t even rise (lesson #1: use fresh yeast). Our second batch was over-baked (lesson #2: the timer on the oven is there for a reason). After a few failed attempts, we started to get the hang of it, and our Babkas started to evolve and improve every time.

In 2020, with all the shutdowns due to Covid, we had plenty of time to test new recipes. We began experimenting with different spreads, rolling techniques, and even streusels.

It became our mission to create the best tasting Babka - and we’ve had many Babkas over the years! As our recipe evolved, our batches got bigger, and everyone that tried our Babkas told us we should really consider selling them.

Over the course of the summer in 2020, we discussed the idea of starting a business and I quote, my mom said “who would want to buy a Babka from us?”. I’m glad you all proved her wrong, and I’m so thankful that you continue to support our business. 

Where we are today

Nowadays we can barely keep up with our orders! Our Babkas are gaining popularity and we’re selling out every week. We’re baking more Babkas than we could have ever imagined, and we are constantly brainstorming new products and flavours that you’ll love!


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